2017 Highlights

Cut statewide Property Taxes by 10% (HB-1349)

Saved Highlands Ranch’s largest employer from leaving Colorado (SB-299)

Protected the Patient Doctor Relationship (SB-88)

Secured $128 Million more for K-12 Education atop other k-12 budget increases

Passed major reforms to the improve the Judicial Performance Committee, a key check and balance on the Judicial Branch

Co-Sponsored long-awaited Construction Defect Reforms

Increased Penalties for multiple DUI’s

Expanded Crackdown on Human Trafficking (HB’s 1035, 1040, 1172)

Protected Stalking Victims

Ended federally mandated PARCC Testing

Equalized Charter School Funding

2017 Recognitions

Realtor® Association “Legislator of the Year” Award Winner

Colorado Medical Society Recognized Champion

American Conservative Union Award for “Conservative Excellence”

Common Sense in the Courtroom Award winner

“A” Rating from Principles of Liberty Colorado

AFP ``Champion of Economic Freedom``


House Bill 1051: Simplified Vehicle Ownership Transfer Process

  • Unanimously Passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate
  • Signed by the Governor

“This common sense bill will allow Coloradans to name a beneficiary for their vehicles. Not only does it simplify an often confusing process, but grants people more control over their assets by empowering families to avoid costly and difficult probate court hearings,” said Van Winkle.

Even with completed Will documents, Colorado families must still work though Probate court proceedings if the net value of assets to be transferred upon death exceeds $64,000. HB-1051 allows you to remove your vehicle from the equation and simply transfer it directly to a beneficiary. Naming a beneficiary is currently disallowed under Colorado law for vehicles.

House Bill 1028: Modifications to Fire and Police Death and Disability Plans

  • Passed the House of Representatives 64-1 & the Senate 35-0
  • Signed by the Governor

“I’m running this bill on behalf of the Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension Reform Commission to ensure Firefighters and Police Officers who must take temporary disability continue to receive proper retirement compensation during that time,” said Van Winkle.

HB-1028 now moves to the Senate for further consideration. Former Weld County Sheriff, Senator John Cooke, will be sponsoring the bill in the Senate. Both Sen. Cooke and Rep. Van Winkle are members of the Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension Reform Commission.

House Bill 1235: Judicial Performance Commission Reboot

In short, this bill would give Colorado voters dramatically more information about the judges on their ballots.

Specifically, the bill make three big changes. First, it would require public reports on justices and judges every two years. Second, it would allow more information to flow into, and out of, the commissions that make retention recommendations. And third, would reconfigure the state commission, which makes the rules for all other 22 commissions to follow and makes recommendations regarding appellate judges, to consist of one member of each district performance commission.

House Bill’s 1066 & 1115: Domestic Violence Legislation

HB-1066 (Co-Sponsored by Rep. Van Winkle) Allows for a Judge or Jury to declare that a person who is convicted of three prior misdemeanor domestic violence offenses to be designated as a “habitual domestic violence offender”. Once declared a habitual domestic violence offender, that person can be charged with a felony, instead of a fourth misdemeanor.

  • Passed the House & Senate
  • Signed by the Governor

HB-1115 Protects Victims of Domestic Violence by closing a dangerous new loophole in State law that allows thousands of the most dangerous Domestic Violence offenders to erase their conviction records each year. Once the DV conviction records are sealed, they are forever hidden from both the public, and victims.


Allow Interstate Medical Licenses

This bill follows up on a very popular 2015 “Tele-Medicine” bill that Rep. Van Winkle helped pass. For the first time, Coloradans can hold doctor visits over the internet (instead of in person). It’s a big step forward for reducing health care costs and making doctors visits, especially for the elderly or injured who may have trouble traveling.  This 2016 bill allows out-of-state doctors and specialists to work with Colorado patients without being licensed and regulated by the State of Colorado.

These bills will reduce health care costs, and add convenience for patients.

  • Passed both the House & Senate and Signed into Law

Student Data Privacy Act

This bill prohibits the selling of student data to marketers (or anyone else). It also requires local districts to adopt enhanced protects for student’s data.

  • Passed both the House & Senate and Signed into Law

Divest Colorado from Anti-Israeli Companies

In an effort to protect America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, this bill requires the state’s retirement program to divest from companies that publicly boycott Israel.

  • Passed both the House & Senate and Signed into Law

Repeal Duplicate Reporting Requirements

Far too often, Coloradans and Colorado companies must fill out both Federal and State versions of the same forms. This bill removes the need to file duplicate forms with the state of Colorado, such as the Federal I-9 form.

  • Passed both the House & Senate and Signed into Law

CDOT Accountability

Increases Transparency and Accountability of the Colorado Department of Transportation. CDOT is entrusted with a tremendous about of taxpayer money, and increased oversight has proved to be necessary to ensure taxpayer money intended for roads and bridges, efficiently gets to put to good use instead of getting lost in bureaucracy.

  • Passed both the House & Senate and Signed into Law


HB15-1061           No Record Sealing Municipal Domestic Violence 

  • Protects Victims of Domestic Violence by closing a new loophole in State law that allows thousands of the most dangerous Domestic Violence offenders to erase their conviction records each year.
    • House Democrats refused to allow a discussion on Domestic Violence.
    • A Press Release on the measure can be found here.  It was also mentioned in a DenverPost article here.

HB15-1098           Ban Red Light Cameras

  • Prohibits the use of automated tickets generators — including red light cameras in intersections and speed photo radar cameras.  Coloradans paid more than $14 million in fines from these last year.
    • This bill passed both the House & Senate.  It was however vetoed by the Governor.

HB15-1107           Annexation of Business within Large Communities Served By Metro District

  • Grants Highlands Ranch citizens a voice during annexation proceeding in the event that a neighboring city tries to annex land or businesses that belongs inside Highlands Ranch territory. Right now, those cities have a legal advantage to take property because Highlands Ranch is an unincorporated community.
    • This bill was “Postponed Indefinitely at the sponsors request” on February 18th.

HB15-1152           Constitutional Carry

  • Would add Colorado to the growing list of states who allow law abiding residents to exercise 2nd Amendment right to purchase a firearm without first seeking a permission slip from the Government.  Colorado already allows open carry, this would remove the “coat tax”.
    • A hearing for this bill was finally granted — beginning at 1am (yes, 1AM) on April 13th. The measure was killed by the House State Affairs Committee. 

HB15-1156           Higher Ed Performance Funding Resident Students 

  • Protects Colorado Taxpayer money directed to our Colleges and Universities for Colorado Students. Worries have arisen that a new funding model for Higher Education institutions directs Colorado taxpayer dollars to out of state students, which would raise tuition for Colorado kids.
    • The House Education Committee passed this bill 8-2 on Feb 25th. It later died in the House Appropriations Committee on March 27th (by Party Line vote).  Importantly, the goal sought by the bill were accomplished in the 2015-16 Budget Bill. 

SB15-041              Local Government Regulation Amateur Radio Antennas 

  • Protects HAM Radio operators from excessive regulation while also respecting local control and HOA’s.
    • This bill was Signed into Law by Governor Hickelooper on March 13, 2015.

SB15-227         Define for Tax Purposes Residential Storage Condos as Residential

  • Residential Storage Condo units are purchased by residents to store personal items as an extension of their home storage space. Storage units are common in Highlands Ranch, and these storage units are currently being charged a tax rate of 29%.  This bill would allow these units to be assessed as “residential real property”, which would lower their tax rate to a more reasonable 7.96%.
    • This bill passed the Senate 33-2 & the House State Affairs Committee 8-3.  It was killed via Party Line vote in the House Finance Committee.  

SB15-276         Voter Approval For Use Of Red Light (& Photo Radar) Cameras

  • Prohibits the use of automated tickets generators — including red light cameras in intersections and speed photo radar cameras.  This version of the bill does allow local governments to use the technology (at specific intersections) AFTER gaining approval from voters for use in the approved locations.
    • This bill passed both the House & Senate.  It was however vetoed by the Governor.

Bills Co-Sponsored by Rep. Van Winkle:

  • HB15-1012 Tax Cut For Dyed Diesel
  • HB15-1066 Repeal Obamacare Exchange
  • HB15-1076 Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union Participation
  • HB15-1093 Repeal Toilet & Showerhead Regulations
  • HB15-1127 No Liability For Permitting Concealed Carry
  • HB15-1162 Ban Sex-Selection Abortions
  • HB15-1169 Photo ID Requirement For Same Day Voter Registration
  • HB15-1171 State Freedom Of Conscience Protection Act
  • HB15-1174 Information Protections for Domestic Violence Victims
  • HB15-1199 Student & Teacher Data Privacy & Security Act
  • HB15-1208 Repeal Common Core 
  • SB15-085 Small Business (Cottage Food) Act
  • SB15-175 Ammunition Magazines (Repeal of the 2013 “Mag Ban”)
  • SB15-186 Repeal Regulations of Yoga Trainers

Resolutions Co-Sponsored by Rep. Van Winkle:

  • HJR15-1005          Commemorate Birthday Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr
  • HJR15-1006          Water Projects Funding Priority List
  • HJR15-1007          Military Appreciation Day
  • HJR15-1008          U.S.S. Pueblo (demand to North Korea to return)
  • HJR15-1011          Honoring Fallen Soldiers
  • HJR15-1013          Human Trafficking Awareness Advocacy Day
  • SJR15-005            Colorado 4-H Day
  • SJR15-007            Women’s Heart Health Awareness

For more Information on bills the before the 2015 Legislature, please visit: http://www.leg.state.co.us

2018 Highlights

Increased Penalties against Human Traffickers

Saved taxpayers money

Passed the Working Families College Savings Act

Passed Multi-Year Priority Budget Forecasting

Successfully passed 15 bills with strong bi-partisan support

Expanded K-12 and Higher Educational Opportunities

New School Security Grant Program to prevent school violence ($30 Million)

Big K-12 Funding increases (+$600 Million)

Tackled PERA’s unfunded liabilities & Saved state from credit rating downgrade

Fought to boost funding for roads and bridges without tax increase