2022 Highlights

  • Increased access to tax benefits for small businesses (HB22-1006, SB22-032, HB22-1027, HB22-1296)
  • Led out on securing essential funds for school safety (HB22-1243, HB22-1120)
  • Defended workers who choose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination (HB22-1200)
  • Advocated for teen parents to attend driving school free of charge (HB22-1042)
  • Expanded occupational credential portability program (SB22-116)
  • Simplified process for tax exemption eligibility (HB22-1039)
  • SALT Parity Act (SB22-124)

2021 Highlights

  • Passed FIVE TAX CUTS
    • BPPT COVID Relief
    • SALT Parity Relief
    • Restaurant Sales Tax Holiday
    • Special Mobile Machinery
    • Destination Sourcing Exemption
  • Cut red tape and local gov fees for solar energy installation (HB21-1284)
  • Dramatically improved access to youth mental health services
    • Rapid Mental Health Response For Colorado Youth (HB21-1258)
  • Expanded access to driver’s license for foster children (HB21-1084)
  • Cut red tape for Family Child Care Homes, Architects & others

2020 Highlights

  • Authored the Plan to Revitalize Colorado
  • Expanded work opportunities for Coloradans through Occupational Credential Portability Program (HB20-1326)
  • Sponsored legislation creating 23rd Judicial District (HB20-1026)
  • Advanced the Colorado Working Group on School Safety (SB20-023)
  • Enacted the Sales and Use Tax Simplification Force (HB20-1022)
  • Advocated for safety in schools by supporting mental health initiatives (SB20-014)
  • Secured funds to increase public safety (HB20-1256)
  • Introduced Behavior Health Training initiative for K-12 Educators (SB20-001)

2019 Highlights

  • Co-sponsored legislation to subsidize adoption for children and youth (SB19-178)
  • Championed the Electronic Sales and Tax Use Simplification System
  • Supported State funding for Full-day Kindergarten (HB20-1262)
  • Improved nonprofit impact through tax cuts (HB20-1323)
  • Advocated for families in need of temporary care assistance (HB19-1142)
  • Voted to increase training to prevent human trafficking (HB20-1051)
  • Defended religious freedom (HB19-1140)
  • Increased State funding for school districts and rural schools (SB19-246)

2018 Highlights

  • Increased Penalties against Human Traffickers
  • Saved taxpayers money
  • Passed the Working Families College Savings Act
  • Passed Multi-Year Priority Budget Forecasting
  • Successfully passed 15 bills with strong bi-partisan support
  • Expanded K-12 and Higher Educational Opportunities
  • New School Security Grant Program to prevent school violence ($30 Million)
  • Big K-12 Funding increases (+$600 Million)
  • Tackled PERA’s unfunded liabilities & Saved state from credit rating downgrade
  • Fought to boost funding for roads and bridges without tax increase

2017 Highlights

  • Cut statewide Property Taxes by 10% (HB-1349)
  • Saved Highlands Ranch’s largest employer from leaving Colorado (SB-299)
  • Protected the Patient Doctor Relationship (SB-88)
  • Secured $128 Million more for K-12 Education atop other k-12 budget increases
  • Passed major reforms to the improve the Judicial Performance Committee, a key check and balance on the Judicial Branch
  • Co-Sponsored long-awaited Construction Defect Reforms
  • Increased Penalties for multiple DUI’s
  • Expanded Crackdown on Human Trafficking (HB’s 1035, 1040, 1172)
  • Protected Stalking Victims
  • Ended federally mandated PARCC Testing
  • Equalized Charter School Funding

2016 Highlights

  • Ensured Firefighters and Police Officers who must take temporary disability continue to receive proper retirement compensation during that time (HB-1028)
  • Empowered voters by increasing the amount of information available regarding justices and judges (HB-1235)
  • Protected victims of domestic violence (HB-1115)
  • Gave Coloradans more control of their assets by allowing car owners to name a beneficiary for their vehicles (HB-1051)
  • Heightened charges for repeat domestic violence offenders (HB-1066)
  • Decreased healthcare costs by allowing out-of-state doctors and specialists to work with Colorado patients without being licensed in the state (telehealth)
  • Prohibited the selling of and enhanced protection for student data
  • Simplified tax reporting requirements 
  • Increased Transparency and Accountability of the Colorado Department of Transportation

2015 Highlights

  • Fought to give Highlands Ranch citizens a voice during annexation proceedings (HB15-1107)
  • Supported the protection of 2nd Amendment rights (HB15-1152)  
  • Cracked down on domestic violence offenders (HB15-1061)
  • Protected Colorado taxpayer money directed to colleges and universities for Colorado students (HB15-1156)
  • Prevented excessive regulation of amateur radio antennas while also respecting local control and HOA’s (SB15-041)
  • Lowered tax rates for Residential Storage Condos from 29% to 7.96% (SB15-227)  
  • Prohibited the use of automated tickets generators — including red light cameras in intersections and speed photo radar cameras