Caucus Night is Tuesday March 1, 2016

Thursday, February 18th, 2016 @ 12:00PM


Held every two years, these meetings represent politics at the most grassroots level – your neighborhood.

Any member of the Republican Party can participate and let their voices be heard. A caucus is simply a gathering of people interested in exercising their rights as citizens. It is the first step in forming the foundation of the party, both in platform and people, for the next two years.

Meetings are held near your home, typically in a school or place where people from your community can easily gather. The caucus you attend depends on where you live and you can only participate in your precinct’s caucus so be sure to find the location of your caucus here: FIND YOUR CAUCUS LOCATION

Remember, we do not have a “top-down” political party. The big political decisions for the Republican party begin at the grassroots (caucus) level and Tuesday March 1st is a great opportunity for you to start the process by supporting potential candidates (like Rep. Van Winkle) and discuss the platform issues you care about most.

Additional Details

In addition to helping to form the Republican Party platform, caucus attendees have to opportunity to elect 2 precinct committee people and Delegates to the county assembly (2 Alternates are also chosen to fill in for any absent Delegates at the March Assembly). You can and are encourage to run for these positions.

  • Precinct committee people represent your neighborhood as ongoing members of the Douglas County Republican Central Committee for the next 2 years. They can vote at monthly Central Committee meetings and for party leadership.
  • Delegates and alternates meanwhile go to County Assembly on March 19th, 2016 to vote in County Assembly proceedings and to pick our Republican nominees for elected offices. If they choose, they can also run to be a Delegate at the Statewide Assembly this summer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or visit the Douglas County GOP website to learn out more. I hope to see you on Tuesday March 1st at 7pm!

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