Meet Kevin

Kevin truly loves our country and Colorado and wants to do his part to make this a better place to live, work and raise a family.  Year after year he has grown more and more fed up with the direction the politicians in Denver and Washington are taking our state and nation.  Meanwhile, they grow more and more distant from WE THE PEOPLE.

Kevin Van Winkle is a different kind of Representative.  Sworn into the State House in January 2015, he is a small business owner in Highlands Ranch and a longtime advocate for free markets and the principles of liberty. Prior to serving in office, Rep. Van Winkle would put his small business on hold during the legislative session to serve as the Senior Policy Analyst for the Colorado Senate Republicans.  In 2010, Kevin began a groundbreaking voter registration program which has since been used as a model across the West for growing the Republican Party and turning out new voters on Election Day.

He has a deep respect for the Constitution and the proper role of limited government.  In the State House, Kevin works to help our state government work for you, not over you.  He stays true to his values and is working to get Colorado back on track.

During his first term, Kevin earned “A” ratings from Principles of Liberty Colorado, and the National Rifle Association. He was also recognized by several publications, such as the Denver Post and Colorado Peak Politics, as an “extremely effective legislator” who “holds firm to conservative values”, and was promoted to Ranking Member of the House Finance Committee.

Rep. Van Winkle was born and raised in the Highlands Ranch area that he currently represents – it’s where he started his business and family.

In his free time, Kevin is a proud member of a local Ice Hockey team and gets outside as often as possible to enjoy Colorado’s many hiking trails and campgrounds. He and his wife, Kelly, are founding members of Crosspoint Community Church in nearby Centennial, Colorado, and proud parents.

Rep. Van Winkle is currently the Ranking Member of the House Finance Committee and a member of the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee. Additionally, he sits on the esteemed Legislative Board of Ethics, the board of directors for the Colorado Channel, and is a member of the Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension Reform Commission.

Please contact Kevin to learn more.